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It is very important for your physical and mental health to spend as much time as you can outdoors, surrounded by the beautiful nature. The north coast of Wales, England is a very lovely area where you can spend a wonderful time. We recommend stopping for a few days in Conwy, a picturesque town. Here, you will enjoy the fresh air and the amazing views. Here are 5 lovely Conwy walks that you should go for once you arrive at this location.

  1. Tryfan by the North Ridge from Ogwen Valley

This route is quite challenging but if you are an active person then you will absolutely love it, not to mention the fact that will keep you fit. Start from the Ogwen Valley, and make sure you hydrate properly at all times. There are 2.13 miles of road which can be traveled in about two hours and a half. You can also choose this route in the winter but only if you are experienced in mountaineering because the whole place takes on a different character when snow and ice are present.

  1. Crimpiau from Capel Curig

This wonderful route will allow you to explore a very beautiful area of Conwy. It crosses mountainous terrain, which means that you need to have an excellent physical condition. There is a stunning view down Llyn Crafnant, which you must not miss. It is essential to be suitably equipped for this walk which will take around three hours.

  1. Great Orme and Country Park

By choosing this walk you will have the chance to see some amazing views and breathe very fresh air. The route starts from Llandudno and climbs the Great Orme, a very peaceful place where you can actually meditate and recharge your batteries. Just make sure you wear appropriate footwear as the road is quite tedious, and you certainly don’t want to be injured.

  1. A Circuit of Llyn Crafnan

If you spend a few days in Conwy then you must definitely go for this walk. By doing this circuit you will discover the picturesque Llyn Tranant, an amazing reservoir in the Carneddau Mountains. The whole route is quite easy to follow and it offers some rugged scenery with less effort. You can either choose to go for this walk with the entire family or you could go for a picnic.

  1. Melynllyn and Dulyn Reservoir

This is the last but not the least lovely route from our top which you should confidently go for. The eastern side of the beautiful Carneddau mountains offers a sense of solitude and stunning mountain scenery. You will find very easy to follow this route, which is actually great for children as well. From Dulyn Reservoir back to the start you will probably need careful navigation, but other than this everything is super easy. The views are amazing and the whole place is surrounded by nature in its most beautiful ways. If you want to completely recharge your batteries and go back home more optimistic then you should walk this route and let the amazing landscape relax you.







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