My Travelling Story

There’s always time to discover something new!

 When I hit the age of 40, I felt like the World had very little to offer me…

It sounds morose I know, but after nearly 20 years working in Finance and travelling the World, I’d really been given some of the best opportunities to travel that a woman my age could have have asked for. Over 30 Countries and 5 Continents, on business and pleasure, I had come a long way from the quaint town of Conwy that I’d grown up in.

So, how does a valley girl from the very edge of Snowdonia end up exploring the World before she’s turned 40 and why did I choose to return back to the UK?

Wales was a beautiful place to grow up and although I’ve seen many beautiful beaches from Thailand to California, the beach at home in Conwy will always be my absolute favourite. I’ve walked along that promenade hundreds of times in my life and it never ceases to fill me with a feeling of peace and tranquillity.

My family was not well off. We struggled to make ends meet through some tough times in the 70s, with my Dad constantly battling against unemployment and the threat of redundancy. Throughout these years of hardship my parents put my education first, whilst instilling me with the need to find stable work that would not fail me in later life.

After making it through college was accepted to study Economics at Liverpool university. This meant leaving Conwy and my family behind, with only phone calls and letters to keep us connected (this was 1995, don’t forget!). Thankfully my hometown was only a 2  hour train trip away and trains were much cheaper back then.

I graduated with Honours and was lucky enough to gain an internship at one of the big 5 Finance companies, which then led on to a fruitful career in the heady world of Investment. Although this line of work would usually lead to a life spent pulling one’s hair out in a hectic glass block of an office building, I was lucky enough to be plucked from this existence by a forgiving manager who seemed amused by the new country girl who refused to shed her Welsh accent. He decided that I would be better suited to a life spent on the road and I was henceforth taken on as an Acquisitions Team Lead.

This led to a career of globe trotting, spanning almost two decades including:

3 Years Spent In Dubai

6 Years Spent in the USA

…and a few other trips here or there..

But all good things must come to and end…

After so many years spent bouncing around temporary flats and hotels, I was slowly getting worn down by both the job and my relentless lifestyle. Although I had gained valuable experience travelling the globe and meeting so many wonderful people, I’d not returned home for years. I’d missed Christmases, Birthdays and Anniversaries. Most of all, I missed my parents. Whilst I’d been seeing the world, they had stayed at our old home in Conwy happy in each other’s company, surrounded by the people that they had grown up with.

When I finally returned to Wales, taking an early retirement, I was ready to live my life at a slower pace and simply enjoy the simpler things. That’s the core philosophy of this blog and something I hope you’ll take on board.

You don’t need to fly thousands of miles away to meet wonderful people or see some amazing sights.