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Embracing Winter with Millets

Can you feel that? There’s a chill in the air and it’s not going anywhere, anytime soon.

That’s right, Winter’s here and by gum can you feel it!

Although this time of year usually heralds a choir of moans and groans from the older generation, I always look forward to the arrival of the colder months. During this magically frosty time, sunrises sneak up on you unawares and there’s no guilt in heading to bed early, especially when you know that there’s going to be a stunning sunrise gracing the landscape as early as 7am. Of course if you’re not well kitted out before Winter begins, you’re probably going to find it all decidedly less enjoyable.

Before I set out on my first excursion of Winter I’m always sure to have a thorough check through all my wet-weather gear – making sure that there are no critical tears in anything and (most importantly) that the waterproofing is still working well. There’s nothing worse than driving long distance through rather dismal clouds to discover that your waterproof coat has given up the ghost whilst in storage and that you’re going to have to spend the rest of the day in a state of constant dampness.

During my ritualistic Autumnal run down of my waterproofs I was rather disappointed to find that my boots were nowhere near as waterproof as they needed to be.

As sad as I was to throw this tatty pair of shoes into the bin, there was a small part of that me that was excited to jump into Millets and see what kind of deals I could pick up.

I would never describe myself as a ‘kinky’ person, but I think I can get an idea as to the excitement that is borne out of inanimate objects whenever I step into a shop like Millets. This might seem like an odd reaction to walking into something so pedestrian as a high-street retail shop but it’s true nonetheless. As you walk into a Millets outlet the first sensation that you are greeted by is the familiar rubbery smell of new waterproofs, similar to that ‘new shoe’ smell you get in a place like Clarks. Next, you hear the sound of helpful assistants guiding customers through their selection of rucksacks until, finally, you witness the glorious sight of bright tags with the words ‘SALE’ on them.

I probably get a little too much out of my annual trip to Millets and I know that they certainly get too much out of me. It’s the classic case of too many good offers to turn down.

I went in there last weekend with the intention of just picking up a cheap pair of walking boots, but I left with so much more. With many brands bringing out their new ranges this month, there are loads of great discounts to pick up on all of their ranges – this is why, although I only came in for a pair of boots, I ended up leaving with a new day pack, a pair of socks and a new pair of gators that weren’t even in the sale.

Before you go anywhere this Winter, make sure you’re geared up – it never hurt to be too prepared!