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It is a well-known fact that the tiniest details can make or break a room’s decorative scheme, which is why it’s crucial to invest some time into learning what elements would integrate flawlessly.

One area that’s worth extra attention is choosing the perfect skirting boards. As you know, skirting offers numerous aesthetic and functional benefits and is considered essential when it comes to wood flows as it will help mask the unattractive ‘expansion gap’ that is noticeable at the base of the walls.

Furthermore, skirting boards are great for concealing wet plaster finishes that are uneven (a very common issue in both new and old houses) and they also serve as barriers that prevent damages and dirt from affecting the walls, especially when it comes to vacuum cleaners, pets, and dirty shoes.

Skirting styles & profiles

Skirting is now much more than just a practical prop, as it can also improve the character and interior aspect of your home. A lot of skirting specialists such as Skirting World offer their clients a very wide range of materials and moldings that can suit any type of décor.

If you are currently considering replacing your existing skirting boards, then your first step should be swapping like-for-like. Take a small section of your current skirting to a skirting shop and check whether they have a matching option. If you have a standard type of skirting, this process should be pretty easy. You will be able to find a wide range of decorative skirting profiles that match simple designs, modern looks like pencil edge, chamfered, bullnose, or square-edge, and period-style interiors such as ovolo, ogee, and torus, as well.

If authenticity is an important aspect for you, then you might want to take a sample of skirting to a joinery shop and they will help you by offering identical skirting. You should also check the online stores, as you might find better deals there. Nowadays, you can also find online shops that specialize in certain materials such as MDF, or that are good at historic design reproduction.

MDF skirting

MDF skirting is one of the most popular skirting options available. It is easy to install, it can be bought pre-finished or pre-primed, and is a good fit for most new homes. Additionally, MDF is a material that is extremely resistant to swelling and warping, so everyone agrees that it is a very low-maintenance option.

Another benefit of choosing MDF skirting is that it is a very affordable material, with prices ranging from as little as 2 or 3 pounds per linear meter for standard designs. The only downside of regular MDF skirting boards is that they can only be painted although finishing is extremely easy because they have a very smooth surface. However, if what you are looking for is a way to combine the benefits of MDF with luxury finishes, you should consider the more expensive MDF boards that start at around 6 pounds per linear meter.



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